When Harry met Meghan – why it’s a thing

From his cheeky grin to his late night escapades, our dear Prince Harry (PH/ Harry/ Hazza etc from now as I can’t be assed typing it out constantly) has always been quite the rebel. Growing up you could always tell that William was the rule abide-er, whilst Hazza was the rule defy-er. At least that’s what the media wants us to think?

Either way, Harry has always been painted as the more defined ‘lad’ of the two (just think of his various blonde acquaintances, rugged beard, front line war experience, drunk Boujis nights out and Las Vegas antics?). Perhaps this is why when asked which of two I’d go for (yes yes laugh away) I would always say Harry as he’s seemed kind and have a good sense of humour. To me it was clear that if any of the two noble princes would venture outside of the fair skinned and blue eyed box, it would be definitely be him due to his free spirited streak.

Rest assured I’m not belittling or judging William in any way. He is handsome and charming, with a wonderfully kind smile. And without actually ever having met him, I believe him to have a kind and genuine heart. Actually I think that to be true of them both! My point is that, in my humble opinion, William’s nature would be more averse to causing a raucous within the royal circle or with the pestiferous press.

Saying this, I don’t think that Harry would intentionally cause a raucous either BUT (again in my humble opinion) I think this is because he is more free spirited, and perhaps would not care for the reasons as to why a raucous should even be caused in the first place.

Let me explain.

In the past, Harry has been seemingly ‘caught out’ by the press doing things any young man at his age would do. From memory (don’t quote me on this), William has been caught being a bit tipsy at most. Perhaps as he’s a bit older, he’s a bit more responsible. A bit more aware if you feel me!

To my knowledge, PH he has never personally released a fully fledged press release/ media statement to date addressing any ludicrous headlines or ‘exposing’ images to do with him and his liaisons. Sure there have been cheeky anecdotes off of him, or general statements from the royal family asking for privacy to be respected in regards to both princes, but there has never been one directly from PH in regards to his relationships…


Harry has come out full force (albeit very diplomatically) against the press.

In this straight talking piece, not only has he confirmed he is dating Meghan, he clearly chastises the media for being outright racist, feminist, conniving, archaic, and nasty in their coverage and dealings. And I really wholeheartedly respect him for doing so.

To be honest I didn’t really know who Meghan was. From reading up on her though she seems to be an articulate and cultured young actress with a sprinkling of philanthropy (bless!), modelling and blogging thrown in. Anyway I digress, the point is that I usually could not give a toss about who Harry is dating BUT as the world is making it a thing, I need to highlight a few things to explain why it is in fact a thing, that should not actually be a thing:

1. In 2016, anyone should be able to date whoever they want to date. Dating someone who looks or speaks differently to you should not be a thing.
2. In the same 2016, Harry has seemingly broken decades of royal conventions of courtship – whether he realises it or not – by dating a mixed race lady.
3. This is because historically the royal family have never tainted their blue blood with anything other than, well, blue blood. We all know this is nonsense as the kings and queens had many mistresses (and misters too I’m sure) from all walks of life – have a look here and here. Some such conquests purportedly did ‘taint’ the blue blood as (shock horror) as they were non-Caucasian – have a read here and here. I dread to ask if such liaisons were consensual, but that’s another topic. Anyway, the point is that, historically and currently, the royal family refuses to acknowledge this ‘tainting’. And even today, aristocrats in the U.K. who do not fit that white skinned, blue blooded, silky haired mold still face abuse and marginalisation – just look up Emma McQuiston and Lady Bath.
4. Based on the above, the fact that PH has internationally confirmed he is dating a mixed race woman – who is American, older than him, has been divorced, who’s mama has dreadlocks, who’s skin is not as white as snow etc etc – makes his proclamation a thing! A big big thing!
5. Not only has he confirmed they are together, he has completely blasted the press for disrespecting him and his privacy but also for disrespecting her, her heritage, her past, her gender, her as an individual – just everything about her. Something he has never done before, something he or any member of the immediate royal family has never had to defend before.

This whole scenario is a thing because it shouldn’t be a thing. Anyone and everyone should be able to date who they want, regardless of the varying backgrounds and ethnicities involved.

Harry dating Meghan should not be any different to Harry dating Chelsea. But Meghan is not blonde and fair, so my friends, it is different. Supposedly? Or at the very least the media want it to be.

Unfortunately the world seems to work on the premise of ‘otherism’. Everyone seems to hate everyone to some extent and thus conventions and rules are borne to separate us all, incur a ranking system and secure order. Primarily in situations of privilege, such conventions remain simply due to fear (of what? KMT!) or bigoted unfounded views. These same bigoted powers that be use the loo the same way as you and I, the same way as the big issue seller in the street, so how is their blue blood any better than anyone else’s normal/ brown/ green/ working class or middle class blood?

Anyway, as stated, this whole thing about Harry dating a black/ mixed/ non-white woman is nonsense. It should not be a thing, but it is. So as it is a thing, I’m proud that this young man is not sticking his head in the sand but rather, respectfully and politely (after all he’s still a prince!) fighting the media’s ignorant and provocative fire with a more learned, forward thinking fire.

Keep it up Harry 🙂


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