Obama love story 

I stumbled upon the article below and it made me smile so much.


I just love seeing people who want to be together, being happy together.
I love it when unscripted moments show the beauty, the intimacy, the humour, the strength and the sincerity of love.

Even though they both had the weight of a country (of the world even!) on their shoulders, these candid pictures show how they still took the time to listen, care, be cheeky, be silly, be strong, smile, laugh, share and most of all, love.

Enjoy the Obama love story – let it remind you of what matters in life – treasuring and supporting those you love.

Be happy and have a blessed day 🙂

My fave pics are below – all with fitting tag lines teehee.

Source – Pete Souza—The White House

No need for words here. Just silent reassurance and support.

Source – Chris Kleponis—Picture-Alliance/DPA/AP

‘Now you are very handsome Barrack and you may be the president of the USA but you’ve still got bits of fluff in your beard’

Source – Pete Souza—The White House

‘Like my new ride?’

Source – Ron Sachs—Picture Alliance/DPA/AP

‘Oh yeeaaahhhhhh’

Source – Pete Souza

M – ‘Did you just fart??!! In the car?? Really?? REALLY???!!!’

B – ‘Maybe’

Source – Pete Souza—The White House

M – ‘Suurrpriiissseee – hello Mr. President!’

B – thinking – ‘Aww she came to welcome me. This woman. This woman!’

Source – Pete Souza—The White House

M – ‘OMG did you just fart again?’

O – ‘Yes teeheehee.’

Pete Souza—The White House

B – ‘Ayyyyy I’m ready Michelle. I’m finna  do the caterpillar – I can feel it, it’s coming!’

M – (trying not to attract attention) ‘Jesus please take the wheel.’

Amanda Lucidon—The White House

B – thinking – ‘She is the most wonderful woman in the world’

M – 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

(I don’t usually hashtag, makes me feel a bit yuppie lol. Oh dear 🙈)


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