The storm before the calm

You see your goal

You hold it dear

You see the distance

To bring it near

You don’t give up

You keep on going

You rage, you cuss

As life keeps throwing

Hurdles, setbacks in your path

Cry if you must

But throw back a laugh

At life.

Throw back your strength

At strife.


Your hurt, your pain

These are in vain

What matters is what

Can be gained

You must invest

Your heart, your brain

You must give effort

To be great.


You’ll struggle but

You’ll make it through

Don’t doubt yourself

Believe in you

Embrace the storm

Whether mind or matter

You’ll get knocked down

But don’t let this shatter



Be patient, be tenacious

Your goal is getting closer

The storm before the calm

Will surely soon be over.


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