Photo credit: http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/museum-london-docklands/permanent-galleries/london-sugar-slavery

They took you
From your land
Your family
Your sun and sand

They stripped you
Of your clothes
Your roots, identity
Chained your hands

They beat you
Till you bled
Left you broken
You couldn’t stand

They worked you
To the bone
Raped you, bred you
You had no chance

They robbed you
Of your youth
Your innocence
Dreams and plans

They took
And took

I weep
And weep

Because I can’t understand

How this could have happened
For years and years
Before being challenged

Years before laws changed
Years before you gained
The right to be you
The right to be free

And yet, and yet

Today we still see
The corollary of slavery

Oppressed, forgotten
Killed, imprisoned and judged

Your right to be ‘free’
Will this forever be
A question mark?

I weep

Inspired by the ‘London, Sugar and Slavery’ Exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands


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