The Phantom Friend

(Aka Depression)


Hallo old friend

You’re back again

To cast your familiar shadow

To darken my thoughts

With fears I’m fraught

To make my life feel shallow


My consistent friend

I try to contend

With your nagging whispers

I challenge your words

Relentless as a songbird

Yet still in my mind they fester


My persistent friend

Why do you extend

Your negative energy to me?

Will you not be satisfied

Till you destroy my whole life?

Must you feed my insecurities?


My pestiferous friend

I cannot pretend

That with you I always cope

You break my spirit

You destroy relationships

You are a rope around my throat


My unwanted friend

My only friend to the end

Through your doing all others have fled

You have made me so lonely

Feeling longing, unworthy

I cannot see the end


My false friend

My knee won’t bend

Anymore to your lies and venom

I must keep going

I must keep showing

You are nothing to me, but a phantom



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